What is WSPR ?


WSPR stands for Weak Signal Propagation Reporter.

It is a software program designed to probe potential radio propagation paths,

in contrast to most other digital modes which enable messaging between stations.

WSPR is one of several extremely low bandwidth, low power digital  communication modes.

By low bandwidth we note that each WSPR message comprises only 50 bits and 6 Hz of bandwidth.

The total bandwidth allocated for all WSPR stations active simultaneously in any one of Amateur bands is 200 Hz.

By low power a maximum of 5 Watts is recommended and many stations use 1 Watt or less.

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WSPR  From 630 meter to 10 meter.

Antenna 630 meter 15 meter verticaal with a large variometer. (Look Homemade-Antenna)

160 meter to 10 meter dipool 2 X 17 meter. 13 meter 600 Ohm open wire feedline .

Antenna, feedline and Antenna tuner,  homebrew.