Morse Keys from Australia.


This page contains my Morse key collection and other objects that have a connection with the Morse Code.

Clipsal Morse key. Made in Australia.

Australia - This brass key has a bakelite knob and a walnut wooden base.

The PMG used almost always walnut for their keys.

Key, Telegraph Light Weight (AUST) No 1. 1964

New unpacked after 46 years. Made for A510 Radio sets. (see plug)

Australia - Key. Telegraph Light Weight (AUST) No 1. TSE(W) 9-2. DD.

Made by AWA (Amalgamated Wireless Australasia. Date 1956.

Used with A510 Radio sets.

Made by several factories. This tiny key was used on British and Australian radios.

It is completely sealed and waterproof and has non adjustable contacts which require about 283g pressure and have 3mm travel.

Wireless Set A510. With Morse key Telegraph Light Weight (AUST) No 1.

Please note: the images on these sites show my own Morse keys.

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