Morse keys from France.

Manipulateur Morse.


This page contains my Morse key collection and other objects that have a connection with the Morse Code.

Le code Morse

Le code Morse

France - Morse key. Made by G. Jardillier.

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Military Key. Made by S.A.R.A.M (Societe Anonyme, or Limited Company, of Radioelectric Applications to Aeronautics and Marine). Sirca 1938.

Early keys were painted grey, and later in the 1960s, they were painted black crackle.

France - Telegraph key

France - J-45 Fr. Clip on leg Key. After 1945.

France??? -This morse key sits in a small travelling box and used with a morse code signalling light. 

  I am looking for more information.

France???  Is this from France or belgium?  I am looking for more information.

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