My old (tube) tranceivers and receivers.

Trio (Kenwood) TS-510

Trio (Kenwood) TS-510D. Desktop HF Transceiver. 160 Watt input.

SSB, CW, 14 tubes, 2 FET's, 13 transistors, 29 diodes.

Manufactured ~ 1969.

Trio (Kenwood) 9R-59D.  Tubes 3x 6BA6/EF93, 2x 6BE6/EK90, 2x 6AQ8/ECC85, 6AQ5/EL90.

6 transistors 6 diodes.

Manufactured ~ 1969.


Kenwood TS-515

Kenwood TS-515. SSB, CW, 10 tubes, 1 IC, 4 FET's, 37 transistors, 57 diodes. Input power 180 watt. Manufactured Early 1970s.

Power supply & Speaker unit. Kenwood PS-515.

Kenwood Transmitter model T-599S / Receiver R-599D and Speaker S-599.

Kenwood Transmitter model T-599S / Receiver R-599D and Speaker S-599.

Property of Bertus Caspari.

Kenwood TS-520.

Kenwood TS-520. Manufactured 1974.

Is designed for SSB and CW modes in de 80 through 10 meter bands.

Power 120W PEP SSB and 100W CW.  3 Tubes, 17 FET's, 47 transistors, 84 diodes.

2 meter Transverter TV-502. It operates from 144 to 146 MHz with 8 watt output.

5 FETs, 15 Transistors, 10 Diodes.

Remote variable frequency oscillator. VFO-520.

Antenna tuner AT-200.

Speaker. SP-520.


kenwood ts-520
kenwood VFO-520  antenna tuner at-200
kenwood SP-520  2m transverter model TV-502

Kenwood TS-520. Advertising Schaart Electron 1974.

Kenwood TS-820.
Tube hybrid: 12BY7A (Driver), 2*S2001A or 6146B (Finals)


Kenwood / Trio microphone MC-10. Dynamic mic. Impedance 500 Ω.

Used with different Kenwood transceivers  TS -515, TS-520, TS-700, T-599S.

Sommerkamp FT-250. With YD-844 Sommerkamp microphone.

With 16 tubes. 6 transistors, 12 diodes.

Also made by Yaesu FT-200  /  Henry Tempo One. 

Manufactured Early 1970s.

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Sommerkamp FT-250.

Power supply & Speaker unit. Sommerkamp FP-250.


Sommerkamp YD-844 is a unidirectional, dynamic desk microphone.

It features a PTT and lock function. Impedance  50K Ohm.

Made for Sommerkamp FT-250 Transceiver.

There is also a contact switch on the base which will activate the PTT function

when the desk mic is lifted

Kenwood TS-700.

Kenwood TS-700. 2 meter multimode transceiver. Operation in FM, LSB, USB, AM and CW modes.

Power output  10 watts FM, SSB, CW, 3 watts AM. Frequency coverage is 144-147.999 MHz.

Manufactured 1974.

Kenwood TS-700 Advertising Schaart Electron 1974.

The Pony CB-36 portable transceiver from Kanda Tsushin Kogyo Co. LTD. Tokyo Japan.

 There is also a black carrier bag.

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